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The YELLOW EMPEROR's Inner Transmission of Acupuncture

Lihue Yellow Emperor

The YELLOW EMPEROR's Inner Transmission of Acupuncture

Transmitted by Yang Zhenhai

Arranged by Liu Lihong

Translated by Sabine Wilms

Introduction by Heiner Fruehauf

192 pages

The YELLOW EMPEROR's Inner Transmission of Acupuncture


Features a passionate and clinically relevant synthesis of Dr. Liuīs discipleship with Yang Zhenhai one of the last remaining master practitioners of Daoist acupuncture in mainland China. Liís selection of this specific tradition for conscientious study and stewardship is based on affirmative answers to two essential questions: Is this lineage compelled by the objective to address the root of disease and vitalize the innate healing forces of the human body? Does the carrier of this lineage transmit his knowledge in a virtuous way?

At the forefront of an international discourse on the definition and clinical significance of classical Chinese medicine, Yang and Liu promote yet another holistic medical system that radically contrasts the current penchant for symptom-oriented procedures. This English edition of their book lifts an important esoteric acupuncture lineage out of obscurity and presents it to us in complete and accessible form.



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