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Mountain Way


Mountain Way Products

Heaven Human Earth

Mountain Way Self-Care Products are intended to sustain individuals in their daily lives and encourage lifestyle choices that support healthy living in today's world.



Lycium fruit, gou gi zi

A lightweight and tasty dried superfruit food, ready for on-the-go power snacking.
Ingredients: Dried Wolfberries

MWWB4 - 4oz  $7.50

MWWB8 - 8oz  $13.50

MWWB16 - 16oz  $27.00


Mountain People Trail Mix
Healthy Snacks for those on the Way

A delicious blend of healthy herbs, nuts, fruits and seeds. A lightweight snack to take with you wherever you go.
Ingredients: Lycium fruit (gou qi zi), organic walnuts (hu tao ren), american ginseng (xi yang shen), organic pine nuts (song ren), longan fruit (long yan rou), organic pumpkin seeds (nan gua zi).

MWTM4 -4oz  $10.00

MWTM8 - 8oz  $18.00

MWTM16 - 16oz  $35.00



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