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Catalog of Our Dao Earth Herbal Products

about sourcing Alphabetical listings of our entire family of products in ENGLISH or PINYIN

Our Dao Earth refined herbal products offer contemporary society a bridge to the history, authenticity, and efficacy of Asian medicine and the wisdom from which it arose. Far East Summit honors this tradition with our efforts to bring herbal medicine to the health care clinics and homes for the healing and well being of our communities through our family of Dao Earth products:

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Chinese Classics®
Traditional Formulas
for licensed health care practitioners
Lifegate Clinical
for licensed health care
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Self-Care Products
Dao Earth Traditions Collection


FAR EAST SUMMIT & the Art of Refining Herbal Medicinals:

about sourcing Golden Pearl extraction process

about sourcing  About our concentration formats

about sourcing  Therapeutics, patient compliance, and dosage


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