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Case Studies from Chinese Acupuncture Experts


Case Studies from Chinese Acupuncture Experts

by Wang Hong-cai

300 pages

published by PMPH

Case Studies from Chinese Acupuncture Experts


Unlike the usual textbook, which contains a wealth of theory, but short on real life clinical use, this book is a collection of experienced clinical practitioners brings the practice of acupuncture to life! These case studies allow the reader to follow these famous acupuncture doctors through their clinical rounds as they use the "miraculous needle" to treat a variety of difficult and complex illnesses.

This book combines the point prescriptions of experienced practitioners with solid explanations that detail how and why their treatments are effective. In this book you will not only discover new uses for commonly used points, but will gain insight into point couplets and combinations that will allow you to improve your clinic understanding and effectiveness.

For the beginners, this book summarizes the general method of acupuncture with clear straightforward explanations. For the advance practitioners, the wisdom of the great masters in handling difficult diseases will broaden your way of thinking in clinical practice.



1. Clear explanations based on extensive clinical experience.

2. Point prescriptions for commonly seen clinical cases that every acupuncturist must know how to treat.

3. New uses for commonly used points, and point couplets that will expand your way of thinking about needle prescriptions.

4. A wide variety of conditions are treated and discussed, this book is sure to expand both your way of thinking about acupuncture and your clinical skill.



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