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A Clinical Guide to Identifying Chinese Materia Medica (2nd Edition)


A Clinical Guide to Identifying Chinese Materia Medica (2nd Edition)

by Yan Wen-mei, Li Fang-yao

516 pages

published by PMPH

A Clinical Guide to Identifying Chinese Materia Medica (2nd Edition)


As Chinese medicine grows in popularity in the West, more and more practitioners are choosing to expand their treatment efficacy by prescribing raw herbs. Thus, the need to correctly identify herbs is of growing concern among Western practitioners of Chinese medicine. This book is an extremely useful, hands-on guide to the sometimes bewildering variety of raw herbs. Practitioners and students alike will find it a useful aid in the pharmacy; and all herbal dispensaries will find it indispensable for their business.

Here can be found detailed information for identifying 417 herbs, accompanied by color photographs of the ready for use herbs and including descriptions of commonly used alternate species. The book covers categories of herbs that release the exterior; clear heat; purge; dispel wind &dampness; transform dampness; promote water flow & leach out dampness; regulate qi; relieve food stagnation; expel worms; stop bleeding; invigorate the blood & transform stasis; stop cough & calm dyspnea by transforming phlegm; quiet the mind; calm the liver & extinguish wind; open the orifices; tonify deficiency; astringe; induce vomiting; relieve itching; resolve putrefaction and engender flesh.


● Contains the most detailed and comprehensive clinical compilation of a total of 739 crude medicinals and prepared substances, including plants, minerals and animal parts.
● Lists the indications and clinical actions of 413 commonly used Chinese medicinals catalogued in China Pharmacopeia.
● Provides a total of 665 vivid illustrations of different species, their prepared form and parts used along with a pharmaceutical description.
● Assists readers in clearly cross-analyzing the physical appearance of each herb in their natural and prepared forms.


Professor Yan Wen-mei is one of China’s authorities in identifying Chinese Medicinals. She served as a professor and director in the Department of Chinese Medicinal Identification at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She has taught and researched the identification of Chinese medicinals for over 40 years.



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